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Ballet Lessons

Cultivate coordination, poise and self-control in your dancer.  Our goal is for dancers to possess the self confidence to walk into any room with poise and elegance secure in knowing how beautiful they have been made, inside and out. 

We Support Homeschool Families

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Additional Classes

~ Mommy & Me ~

Shorter mini sessions for students not quite ready

to take class independently yet...

The participation of a parent or guardian (Not just Mommy)

can reassure our youngest friends in order to facilitate a smooth transition to independent classes. 

~ Adult Ballet ~
Our Intermediate Beginning Adult class

is currently once a week on Mondays at 6:30!

(We would love to add more classes)

~ Pointe Classes ~

Additional Beginning and Intermediate Pointe classes are being added to the schedule! Placement is determined by the instructor.

~ Partnering ~

We are excited to offer an introduction to partnering for our advanced dancers.

Class Placement & Tuition

Our calendar year begins in June as Summer begins and classes are held year round, with all breaks and holidays following the Vacaville Unified School District in which we are located.  All holidays and breaks are scheduled and calculated into tuition amounts and then broken down into monthly installments for convenience, regardless of the number of classes in that particular month.

Placement in our Beginning Division is strictly by age and grade level in order to properly adhere to age appropriate curriculum and held once a week. 

Pre-Ballet             Pre-school                35 minutes once per week
Kinder Ballet       Kindergarten           45 minutes once per week
Ballet 1                 First Grade              
55 minutes once per week
Ballet 2                Second Grade           65 minutes once per week
Ballet 3                Third Grade             75 minutes once per week


Placement in our Junior and Senior Divisions is determined by more than simply age. New students require a placement class to determine the most appropriate placement for their level of experience and technique. Classes are held two to four times a week; varying by level.  

Ballet 4                 Fourth Grade +       75 minutes two times per week
Ballet 5                                                   
75 minutes two times per week
Ballet 6                                                   
90 minutes three times per week
Ballet 7                                                   
90 minutes three times per week
Ballet 8                                                   
90 minutes four times per week

We understand how difficult it is to find a home studio to match your family and their needs.  We therefore offer a free trial class for you and your dancer to come visit and get a feel for our studio with absolutely no commitment or pressure to join.  We want you to want to be here. 

Contact us to schedule your free trial!  


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