Shutdown Resources

We've added this page to give additional ballet themed activities to help keep our students engaged and passionate about ballet during this difficult time.

Below are a number of PDF's available for you to download and print.  

Girls Ballet Positions- coloring pages- Part 1

Girls Ballet Positions- coloring pages- Part 2

Boys Ballet Positions- coloring pages- Part 1

Boys Ballet Positions- coloring pages- Part 2


Resource Kit

Ballet West
Coloring Book

Other fun things all of our students can work on are listed to the side!   
We have a board up at the studio, and while we're not there right now, we all hope to be again.  These are some of the achievements that can get your student on the board, now's a great time to work towards them.  When we're all back we'll post their pictures!

The things you can achieve when you put your mind to it!  Everyone has their strengths, show us yours!
Show your teacher and we’ll put your picture on the board!  


Splits: Left, Right, or Center!  One, both or all 3!  

A Flat Frog: Laying on your belly, legs in a diamond shape with your hips & your feet on the floor!

A Pretty Mermaid:  Laying on your belly, lifting your torsooff of the floor, arms in 3rd position, legs staying on the floor

Touching your feet to the back of your head! 
That’s some great back flexibility!  


Touching your toes, there’s a catch though!  
You can’t bend your knees!


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