July 18, 2020

The last few months have been full of ups and downs, even down to the last week.  We're making a judgment call and firmly consider ourselves a youth activity, where students are studying the art of ballet rather than a fitness studio and as such we will reopen on Monday.  We have checked with other dance schools in the area as well as surrounding areas with more cases than our county  and it seems to be the general consensus. 

We will of course leave all of the video classes active, so if you and your student are not unable or comfortable participating with  in person classes you can continue the live online option. 

Just as before, we ask everyone to continue to wear masks when dropping off and picking up your student, according to the mandate to ensure we can continue offering in person classes. Students should have masks until they enter the dance floor where they can space to a minimum of 6 feet. Don't forget to bring your mini waivers to class!

We thank you for your continued support. Without it we would not be able to provide quality education in the fine arts that is so vital to our community and especially in these young blossoming minds. Please know we weigh every decision concerning your children very heavily and will always act in the best interest of the students. Children are indeed a precious gift and it is our passion to give them everything we can! 


 P.S. - We also added new things to the store, there's new shirts for adults and kids!  Check them out!

July 13, 2020

As some of you may have already heard, the state has issued a new mandate requiring many businesses to close their doors again, unfortunately, this time we are included.  We will be going virtual again, however this time, all classes will be live online, following the same class schedule that we used in the studio.

Today's classes, Ballet ⅘ and Ballet 6/7 are both being rescheduled for later this week, classes will receive a separate email with the details for their classes. 

The live online classes will use RingCentral Meetings.  Please download the app available on all Apple, Android and PC.  You will receive an email invite to the email you have provided the studio, it is easiest if you accept the invite and add it to your calendar.  The link stays on the calendar event in case you lose the email.  If you need to provide a different email address you will need to email me so that I can add it.  Look for the invite this afternoon.  


We sincerely hope that you will all stay with us throughout this troubling time, it's going to be a rough ride but together we hope that we can survive to reopen again.

June 23, 2020

Hello RSB Families!

As of tomorrow we are going to be offering live video options for all of our classes! 
The cost will be the same as the regular class, they are getting the same amount of time and live with corrections.  They would be participating in the live in person class through the live meeting, so that they can also say hello to their classmates!

We hope that offering this option will allow more students to return to their classes while maintaining a level that allows their families to feel safer. 

To enroll, you will need to do two things,
1... enroll online through Danceworks.  When I add your student I will prorate for the classes left and post your registration fee and the prorated June 25th installment.  If you are doing monthly recurring payments through Danceworks, your balance will be paid with the card on file when you register, so please check your account balance. 
2. Email me directly and let me know that they will be doing the live online classes, I will need the email address that you will be using for that.  I will send you instructions.  We use RingCentral Meetings and you will need to download the app, it is available for both iphone and android, as well as PCs.  You will receive a calendar invite you should add to your calendar for easy access.  

June 20, 2020

Hello RSB Families!  

We're starting a fundraiser!
We're raising funds to purchase UV air purifiers for the studios. It's so difficult to dance in a mask so we want to protect our students in another way! Plus, it will still be beneficial during future flu and cold seasons!


Click the link below to order some shirts for your family and support the studio at the same time.  The fundraiser is running for two weeks and the shirts will be shipped straight to you!

We're raising funds to buy UV air purifiers to help protect our students through Covid.. We're raising funds to purchase UV air purifiers for the studios. It's so hard...

June 20, 2020

Hello RSB Families,

We would like to thank all of you for respecting the new guidelines throughout the week!  We really appreciate it!

*We would like to remind everyone that they should arrive no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled class time, ready to go, they should not be changing into their leotard at the studio.
*Please have your students use the bathroom prior to coming to the studio, while the bathrooms are available if needed, it is virtually impossible to sanitize between uses, so we're just trying to minimize the risk there. 

* In light of the new mandate regarding face masks, we would like to recommend facemasks, for those old enough to wear them, to be worn before and after class.  This is the hardest time to maintain the appropriate distance between students. 

*We will not be requiring masks during class time as it is actually quite easy to put 6 ft or more between students, however, if you would like your student to wear a mask during class it is allowed.

We are beginning a fundraiser this week to help us purchase appropriate sized UV air purifiers for each studio.  They are very expensive, but it would provide more protection for our students who can't wear masks during class times.  Keep an eye out for the details coming this week!

June 14, 2020

Hello RSB Families,

The first is a two page waiver acknowledging the risks of Covid-19, please sign it and send it to your student's first class with them.

The second is a mini version that will be required with each class.  We are required to ask all individuals about Covid-19 symptoms and exposure risks with each class, that's what this form is for. 

We appreciate your cooperation!  We're aware that not everyone shares the same level of concern about Covid-19, but we're asking for you to help us maintain the level of awareness required by guidelines.  We want to do our absolute best to prevent any break out of Covid-19 within our school to prevent possible closures again.  We're honestly not sure we'd survive closing a second time and we're so grateful for those that made it possible this time.

June 13, 2020
Hello RSB families,

We wanted to give you some basics from the guidelines we'll be following.  We will be posting in more detail at the studio. 

* The lobby is closed and the doors will be locked to ensure it remains empty and clean.  There will be office hours, please call or knock and I can let you in for assistance. 

* All younger classes, except for Ballet 4-8, will be in Studio 3, as there is more room for distancing between students and designated space to assist your student prepare for class before leaving them for class. Ballet 4-8 will be in Studio 1 as they do not require parental assistance prior to class and are simply dropped off.

* Studio 3 will have marked cubbies available for students, parents of our youngest students will be allowed in briefly before class to help students maintain distancing, use the bathroom and wash hands before classes begin.  There is no viewing area available as the studio is open and would be very distracting.

* Classes are spaced apart for time to sanitize between classes, please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before class and pick up promptly, so that we can clean. 

*All spaces will be thoroughly cleaned & sanitized  each day. 

* Students will not be required to wear masks during classes, but are allowed. The office administration will be requiring masks for any office needs as the office is too small to maintain 6 ft of distance.

* If your student has allergies, asthma or any medical issues that could be misconstrued as Covid-19, please update their medical notes on Danceworks ASAP.

* We will conduct a visual wellness check for symptoms during check in at the beginning of classes.

* We will be relying on our families to be honest with us about any potential exposure they may have had and as such will require a signed form with each class attended, this is according to the guidelines put forth by the state of California, this form will be emailed to you soon. 

* We will be doing our best to meet CDC criteria, additional information will be available at the studio on 6/15.  

If you haven't enrolled for the new year you still can! 
If you have enrolled after the 1st of June, you will need to manually pay your 1st installment and registration fee as the recurring payments had already been processed by that time, if you're not sure if you have a balance due login to your Danceworks account and check. 

We look forward to seeing all of our students next week!  We've missed you all so much!

June 7, 2020

Hello RSB Families,

We have some really exciting news... we've received word that gyms and fitness studios will be able to open as of Friday, June 12th! 

What that means for us:  We're opening to in person classes on June 15th!

As there is only one more week until in person classes, we are going to continue with the YouTube links provided through your Danceworks account for Pre-k Ballet through Ballet 6.  I will attach instructions on accessing the classes. 
Ballet 7 & 8 will receive the invitation to their classes for next week this evening.  

If you haven't registered for classes yet because you were waiting to be back in the studio, now's the time.  Of course, we recommend taking the first week of video classes, but we understand that some children simply won't participate with them. When you register you will receive a confirmation after it is processed, at that point you will be able to see the first installment and registration fee on your account.  As we've already processed autopayments for this 1st installment you will need to login and pay your balance before the first day of classes.  If you're choosing to start on the 15th instead of the 8th you will need to let me know so that I can prorate the first installment appropriately. 

We are taking this next week to make sure that we are meeting all of the requirements to open for everyone's health and safety and will update you when we know exactly what we will be implementing, prior to 6/15.

May 27, 2020

First, I know this is a long one... there is a lot of new information as we've restructured most of the classes, tuition, and many other smaller aspects.  On top of which, we have those things that enable us to continue to function, as best as we can, through Shelter in Place restrictions. First, we're moving Registration online through Danceworks and it will be open tomorrow, 5/25/2020. Instructions will be at the bottom of this email.  There are several documents attached to this email. Among them you will find the schedules, updated policies, new tuition schedule, new completed dress code and a year long calendar. *Please* read this entire email.

Changing Payment Options:
1. You may choose Trimester payments, payable by cash, check or credit card, due June 1st (due to Registration overlapping with the due date), Oct 1st and Feb 1st.

2. You may choose 12 recurring automatic payments through Danceworks.  The due date will continue to be the 25th of the month before.  Credit cards will be required through Danceworks software.

New Registration Fees: 
Keeping in mind that we're going from 3 $15 Registration fees throughout the year down to one:
The first student is now $40, each additional student is $20.

Shelter in Place Accommodations & In Person Classes:

As you are aware, we are now being given new guidelines each week as to how we can safely reopen. While we are eagerly awaiting the go ahead for in person classes to resume, we will be continuing with classes online, in a combination of live video or recorded classes, until such time as we are allowed to safely reopen our doors.  Individual classes will be emailed with more detailed information pertaining to their live video/recorded class.

While we intended to be able to give families a fixed schedule for the entire year, circumstances have made that virtually impossible.  The schedule we are using for the moment is for summer only and subject to changes as needed to meet requirements of opening and the unknown public school changes.  This may include smaller classes than the current schedule allows.  We're asking that everyone remain flexible.  We always allow a student to switch classes as long as room remains available. 

We are also going to continue offering online classes in some capacity even after the studio doors open, for those who may not be comfortable being in a space with others yet, those who suffer from compromised immune systems or for whatever their reasons are, are simply not able to be at in person classes at that time.  Details on that option will be available as soon as we know when we can reopen those doors!  

Class Placement Changes:
We are still searching for a new permanent teacher.  Obviously, with all the ups and downs of the last few months it's been difficult to attempt to hire an additional teacher.  We are going through our options and will be doing our best to find someone who is wonderful, both with your children and ballet.  We understand that it can be difficult for some children to have changing teachers, please bear with us.  Good things take time.  Until then, Ms. Cassy will remain their instructor and is looking forward to continuing to work with them over summer!
I'm sure by now you've all noticed that the dress code listed grades in my previous email!  This means more classes and that each year they will move up to the next level with us as well as at school while still adhering to age appropriate curriculum.  As such, your student should be enrolled in the same class number as they are in school for the 2020-2021 school year (1st grade = Ballet 1, etc). As your children move on to 5th grade and above their placement will be determined by more factors such as ability, effort and attendance in addition to age.
For all students in 4th grade and above I will be emailing out placements this evening.  

Registration Instructions:

1.  Log into your Danceworks Account, you can go through our website or go directly to
2. At the top of the page there is a small drop down menu labeled Register.  Select the student you are registering. 
3. On the first page of Student Registration you will see your Account Info. 
A. Please confirm that all information is correct.  

B. Near the bottom you will select your billing frequency, please choose from Monthly Tuition or Trimester Tuition.  It will default to Monthly.
C.  Continue to confirm your account information, phone numbers, & emergency contacts, using the Next button at the bottom right of the screen.
4. You will need to add a valid credit card to continue past step 4 to selecting your classes. 
5. Confirm your student's information is correct and current.  You can also update their medical and allergy notes.

6. This page has a drop down menu, please change it to the new Session called 2020-2021 Year.  A list of all classes available to your student will appear.  You may now select the class you would like.  Select Request (on the right of the class you want, in green). *Ballet 4 and up have multiple classes per week, only the first class time is shown in Danceworks, refer to the schedule attached for all class times throughout the week.*

7. Confirm your selection in the pop up by clicking Request in blue... One last time, select the green button either above "pending submission" or at the bottom of the page.  Until this is done you have not completed Registration.

You're finished!  I will confirm your registration as they are sent into me and you will receive a confirmation email.  When you see the confirmation email you can login and pay your registration fees.  As usual, your registration fees need to be paid prior to the start of classes.

May 13th, 2020

Hello RSB Families,

I just wanted to give a brief update due to the new Stage 2 developments that are happening.  We haven’t confirmed which stage we would be considered yet, but we are making preparations to be able to meet the requirements of reopening.  We are still hoping that we will be able to reopen for in person classes beginning June 8th.

We are planning for reduced class sizes, time between each class for sanitizing, new drop off and pick up procedures to minimize crowding, and likely a closed lobby, although the office will be open.

Priority Registration is being scheduled for May 25th through May 29th.  Remember Priority Registration is for students currently taking classes.  Open Registration will begin the following week. 

As I’ve mentioned before there are many changes with this new year long session.  We’ve changed all of the classes and their dress code requirements.  For the moment I can provide the dress code requirements through the beginning division so that families can order their new leo & skirts prior to the start of the new session.  Classes will be based on grade levels through 4th grade, so it will be easy for parents to know what level (and therefore color) their students will need. 

Leo Style # M515C  Skirt Style #MS12CH

Pre-K (3 & 4 yr olds):  White
Kindergarten:  Pink
1st Grade: Lilac
2nd Grade: Light Blue
3rd Grade: Seafoam
4th Grade: Buttercup

If your students are in 5th grade or above, we’re working on class placements for each student and will send that information out as soon as it’s available.  At this point in their training placement is based on their ability and skill more than their age, so please be patient with us as we work on getting this information completed as soon as we can so that you can also be prepared for the new session.

April 27, 2020

I know that there is a lot of information coming through emails, but I'd like to remind you that if you are not reading our emails there's a lot to miss, especially for our currently enrolled or returning students.  We are hoping that by mid-May there will be a decision on if we will be allowed to reopen in June, if we can I will have a lot of new information for you!  I also want to remind you that to maintain your eligibility for Priority Registration you have to have a currently enrolled student.

I have some exciting news!  We are now able to accept credit cards through Danceworks.  The fee is less than half what it is through PayPal.  (PayPal will remain active in case people prefer it.)  

For the following 7 weeks you will be logging into your Danceworks account to access the video for your student's classes.  This should simplify things, there is no specific email to be added to privacy settings anymore, directions for accessing classes are after Payment directions, both require logging into Danceworks.  This option wasn't available to us when we first started the video classes. 

Instructions for logging into Danceworks: 

1. Go to our website:  

2.  Go to Accounts tab at the top of the page (or the drop-down menu if using mobile) and log in using: "loveballet".  

3.  After logging into the Accounts tab, go to the Accounts drop down menu and select Danceworks.  

4.  Here is where you find the PayPal button as well as directions for creating a personal login for Danceworks.
5. If you haven't already done so, follow the instructions for setting up your login to Danceworks.
6. Login to Danceworks, you will be prompted to sign updated policies upon logging in.

Paying your account through Danceworks!
After you are logged into your personal Danceworks account, it will show your balance and a "Make Payment" button.  Click "Make Payment". 
A. You will be taken to a list of your transactions.  To the left of the most recent charges is a small box, check the box, and on the right side of the same line is a box to enter your payment amount. 
B.  At the bottom right of the screen is a small box that says Next, it should be blue.  Here you can review and edit your payment.  Hit Next again.
C.  Enter your payment information and select Submit in the bottom right corner. 

*Your receipt will be emailed to you automatically.  

Accessing your student's Video Class. 
After you are logged into your personal Danceworks account, you will see your student's name along with View Notes, View Class and View Attendance listed... select View Classes.
Select the green button on the right that says Attend Virtual Class. A pop up will appear, again select Attend Class, this time it is a blue button.  You will be rerouted to the video.

***Notes: If you do not see a class after you selected View Classes, it is because I haven't heard from you regarding if you want to take the additional 7 weeks.  We are not doing them by default as it is an additional charge to be paid.  If you would like to add your student to the class, please contact me and I will take care of it. 

Lastly, if you have a past due balance and you are capable of paying some of all of it, we'd really appreciate it if you would.  While we've applied for one of the emergency aid loans it hasn't come through at this time.  I know that, at a time like this, it's a lot to ask, but I also know that not everyone is hit as hard and some might be able to help by paying off their balance.  We're working really hard to make it through, if we can get through May's rent and hopefully reopen in June, we'll have weathered the storm with your help! 


Please stay safe and healthy.

March 17, 2020

Hello Wonderful RSB Families, 

We appreciate your patience as we decided the best way to meet your dancers needs in a method that will keep everyone safe! 

It is in the best interest of our Beginning Division and Ballet 1-4 students to go with a pre-recorded class. This will allow your dancer to rewatch it as many times as they like each week and whenever your family schedule permits! Private links will be available by the end of the week.  These classes will be released each week that we are closed due to Covid-19, with the exception of Spring Break, April 13th-17th. 

Our Senior Division students however, already have frequent classes throughout the week and will not experience the same benefit of a recorded class each week. They are in need of live instruction in a manner in which Ms. Cassy can still see them and apply more detailed and individual corrections throughout the week. Details on how to take part in these live classes will be text to the dancers as they all have personal cell phones and are in direct contact with Ms Cassy thus allowing her to construct their daily classes in this manner. 

Previously, this current trimester was scheduled to end April 10th leaving 6 weeks of instruction from April 20th through the end of May before the start of the new ballet school year in June from now on. We were planning on adding those weeks to the new calendar year but since the closure is forcing us to push back registration, it will be far simpler to extend the current session through the end of May and hold off on any level changes until June. Under normal circumstances these additional 6 weeks of classes would prorate to be two more tuition installments, however we know that is a lot for many families at this time. We are all experiencing various degrees of financial worries and don't want any of our students to lose ballet through these unprecedented events. We truly believe  it is in their interest to continue lessons so we will discount it by nearly 50% to only one additional installment due April 25th to help ensure none of our students have to lose the consistency of ballet while everything else in their world has changed. As far as payment methods are concerned, we are hoping to have another credit card option up and running in time for the next installment on March 25th through Danceworks in addition to still using PayPal.

We understand the difficulty this situation has placed on everyone, being a small business all of our hope rests on our families. To be completely transparent with you, without regular tuition installments being made at this time, we have no hope of staying open after this is all over.  We want to still be standing when the studio doors are able to be opened again and we're asking for your help in making that happen. Thank you for your support and entrusting your child's education to us. Your children are why we do what we do! 


Royal School of Ballet

March 15, 2020

As you are all undoubtedly aware, everyone is doing their part in slowing the spread of Covid-19. There will not be classes for the coming weeks. Hopefully, as more people adhere to social distancing and not taking part in unnecessary interactions, it will allow the curve of cases to flatten, easing the potential load on our hospitals and health care workers and we will be back in the studio soon. As the school is closed in the following weeks, email is the preferred way to reach us, we may not get phone messages left at the school in a timely fashion.


In addition, we obviously will be closed through what would have been registration for the new session. We will be extending the remainder of this session through May, rather than mid April. All existing schedules and current enrollment will continue for everyone once we return to the studio. The new session will therefore begin in June as the new start to our ballet school year. We are working out how this will translate into tuition adjustments to ensure no one is overcharged and still allowing us to pay rent and keep the school afloat. 


We are currently looking into the best way we can provide lessons online and adjusting the curriculum for our students benefit during the closure to ensure no one falls behind in their technique and continue to grow while still ensuring the students have some consistency in their lives as so much has drastically changed for many. Even professional dancers around the world are posting videos of themselves trying to stay in shape in their living rooms! Artists are creative and in times like this, our artistic expression tends to thrive allowing us to not only further develop our artistry in new ways but to share with one another and connect on a deeper level. People are playing music and singing to one another from windows in Italy! Keep your spirits up and enjoy try to roll with all the changes we are immersed in. 


Keep an eye on your email for updates and more detailed information on how to access the videos of your students classes. Stay healthy and try to find beauty in the chaos!


Royal School of Ballet Staff

February 24, 2020

As some of you are already aware, Ms Giselle was accepted to San Francisco State University and this will be her last week with us.  We are still on the search for a new teacher to cover our entire Beginning Division, however in the meantime we have some wonderful people coming in to teach all of our students.  To minimize the changes, each teacher will have certain days and stay on that day until our permanent replacement is found.   
The changes are as follows: 
Mondays & Thursdays: Ms Amanda 
Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Ms Lily 
Fridays: Ms Kea 



January 2, 2020

Welcome to Trimester 1!  A new year and a new decade.  Classes start January 6th.  If your student isn't already registered and you're hoping to stay with us please send me an email.  Our classes are filling up pretty quickly and we're expecting lots of new families to be joining us with the new year.   If you need a reminder what your students is enrolled in log into Danceworks or send me an email.   
Beginning Division Families enrolled in Holiday Session:  We have your make up class scheduled for tomorrow January 3rd, same class times as Mondays.  This is the only opportunity for the make-up class.   
Just a few reminders: 
1. The 1st installment is now past due!  Please log in to your Danceworks account and check what your balance is if you're not sure.   

2.  Remember, we don't send out statements for tuition installments every month, however they are always due on the 25th of the month and late after the 1st.   There are 4 installments per trimester unless tuition is paid in full, this is the minimum amount due, but of course you are always welcome to pay ahead.  Please see studio policies for more information.   

 3.  Logging into Danceworks:  Go to our website:  Go to Accounts at the top of the page and log in using: "loveballet".  After logging into the Accounts tab, go to the Accounts drop down menu and select Danceworks.  Here is where you find the PayPal button as well as directions for creating a log in for Danceworks.   
4.  Dress code is important for a reason.   When children wear their proper ballet uniform, it reminds them of where they are- in class, and not on a play date or on the playground.  This gets them in the mindset of learning.  Additionally, when hair is pulled back securely, students won't be as likely to play with their hair, need to push it out of their face for the majority of their class time or put the class on hold while asking the teacher to fix their hair.   


5.  We're hoping to see some exciting changes this coming year, more fun, more events and some new options!  Keep your eye on your email and be sure to update us in your contacts so you don't miss anything!   

November 5, 2019

We are wrapping up Trimester 3 this week!  We love having you with us and appreciate the opportunity to instill the love of ballet in your children.  If you still need to register for Trimester 1 there is space available, come see me in the office!  

Our Holiday Session begins next week, on November 12th, if you would like to continue classes through the holidays and have not yet registered please come into the office this week so that we can get you on the roll sheets!  

Schedules for both Holiday and Trimester 1 were emailed out on October 29th.  Please make note of the schedules in your calendars.  Trimester 1 starts January 6th and the first installment for tuition is due December 25th.  I know, it's Christmas, I don't really expect you to run down to the school and drop off the payment.  However, it is still due no later than the 1st of January. 

The final tuition installment for this trimester is due November 25th!  Remember it's not a monthly fee; it's an installment towards the balance for the trimester tuition.  If you are enrolled in the Holiday Session, the payment is due the first day of classes.  

Holiday Session Office Hours:  Mondays 4:30-7:15
 Wednesdays  4:00-7:15
 Fridays  4:00-7:15

We hope to see you all next trimester!  Have a wonderful holiday and an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to all of those we won't see over the Holidays!  


Lastly just a few important dates to remember:

November 8th- Last day of Trimester 3 2019
November 11th- Studio Closed for Veteran's Day
November 12th-Beginning of Holiday Session
November 25th-4th and final Installment for Trimester 3 Due
November 28th- Studio Closed- Happy Thanksgiving!
December 3rd- Merriment on Main
December 6th-15th- Studio Closed for VBC's Nutcracker
December 25th- 1st Installment of Trimester 1 of 2020 Due
December 24th-26th- Studio Closed- Merry Christmas!
Dec. 31st-Jan 1st - Studio Closed- And a Happy New Year!
January 3rd- Last Day of Holiday Session
January 6th- Beginning of Trimester 1 2020!

September 10, 2019

There's some exciting things going on in our studio this week and as such we have a few announcements!

Since Ms Amanda left us at the end of the spring trimester we've been on the look out for a new teacher for the Beginning Division and we've found her!  We'd like to introduce Miss Giselle, she will be teaching all of our Pre-Ballet, Ballet A and Ballet B classes.  Miss Giselle was Miss Napa County in 2016 and studied the Cecchetti Method of ballet at Ligioso Ballet in Benicia.  She has been teaching several forms of dance to local children for several years with Kids'N Motion.  We look forward to the new energy she will bring into our school.


We would also like to introduce Ms Erika who will be subbing for Ms Cassy beginning this week and through the next few weeks.  This will be an exciting learning experience for our Ballet 5's & 6's as Ms Erika is teaching the Balanchine style which is widely used in many companies.  She has years of experience teaching dance and she's very excited to be here with our young ladies. 

Miss Bella has a few words for you all, her letter is attached. 

There are a few important dates for you to put on your calendars:
Trimester 3 will end on November 8th  to keep to the 13 weeks per trimester, previously it was listed as November 22nd. 
If you registered your student after the start of the trimester and have a prorated tuition, please see the office so we can double check the prorated amount so that you're not over paying. 

Priority Registration for the Holiday session and for Trimester 1 of 2020 will be October 21st-25th.   Both Holiday and Trimester 1 schedules will be made available just prior to registration.

The Holiday session will run from November 12th through January 3rd.  If you are unfamiliar with our Holiday sessions, it is a modified schedule to accommodate all of the holidays and events, including Nutcracker, which fall between November and January.  We do recommend continued attendance for all students, as 8 weeks is a very long break, but understand that this isn't always feasible for our younger students. 

The new trimester will begin January 6th.  


August 12, 2019
It’s the start of a new trimester!  This one will take us up to the holidays; oh my, it goes so fast!   
Most of you have already registered for the new trimester, but some have not, I’m here today, August 12th until 7pm and the new office hours are every other Monday from 4 to 7pm and Tuesday-Thursday from 3 to 7:30pm. 

There are a couple of important notes and reminders:

Ballet is moved from 4:30 to 5:45pm, staying on Mondays.

Adult Ballet is Mondays at 6pm. 

Senior Division (Ballet 4-6):

There is no class on Thursday due to Company Auditions taking place in the studio.  This is accounted for in the schedule for the trimester. 

There seems to be some issue with Ballet 5 leotards being in stock in stores.  Bloch has said they will have more in stock in September but they fill back orders first.  Discount Dance and its sister store, All About Dance are also sold out.  Their websites allow you to place the order but they are cancelling them.  There are a few alternatives that we’d like you to pick from either the M210LD or M201, both are available in Blackberry.  They assure me that they are not being discontinued, but the stock is very low and it’s very much in demand. 

August 12, 2019


We would like to thank all of you who were able to participate in the Student Demonstration this year. We hope it was a good experience for everyone. As mentioned earlier, we would love your feedback so we can make improvements for next year! 


We did not mention this at all of the Demonstrations, but if your dancer is interested in performing opportunities, Ms. Cassy is also the Artistic Director & Choreographer for the Vacaville Ballet Company and will be having auditions for Nutcracker this Saturday. Details and the application are listed/attached below. All ages and levels of experience are encouraged to come. Performing in full scale productions are a great way to keep your student motivated in class as well as make like long friendships and feel more connected. 


We hope to see you there and look forward to our new schedule of classes beginning ​this week as most of you are also returning to school as well.

August 2, 2019

Wow!  The summer went so fast I can hardly believe we're wrapping up another trimester already!  I just wanted to give you all a few little reminders.

  • The last day of classes is Saturday the 3rd.  Don't forget about make up classes from last week's closure, this Saturday is the last opportunity.

  • Next week is the Summer Demonstration!  There are no classes next week, only the demonstration.  

  • The new trimester begins August 12th, if you haven't registered please come in the first week of the new trimester for late registration. 

  • We will not be doing late registration next week during the student demonstration.  

  • The last installment for Trimester 2 is now past due.  Please log into your account on the website to check your balance.  You can now pay via PayPal on the website, under the Danceworks tab.  


July 30, 2019

Tickets are still available, if you need more or haven’t purchased your yet.  The office hours are back to normal and we will be in the office Wed-Fri from 4-6:30. 

A few important notes about the Student Demonstration:
Students should be wearing their class leotards, pink footed tights and their technique shoes, with their hair in a bun. 
Pre-Ballet, Ballet A, Ballet B should all arrive at the studio at 6 pm, prior to the demonstration. 
Ballet 1 & Ballet C should arrive at 5:30pm before their demonstration.
Ballet 2 should arrive at 5pm. 
Ballet 3 & 4 should arrive at 4:30 as they have new choreography to review. 
Ballet 5 & 6 should arrive at 5pm, unless otherwise instructed.

If you haven’t registered your student for Trimester 3 yet, we have space available.  If there isn’t a class at a time that works for your schedule please let the office know. I will be keeping a waitlist for a possible PreBallet and Ballet A on Saturdays again. 

IMPORTANT!  Ballet C’s class time is changing to Mondays at 5:45-7pm.  Please make a note of this in your calendars.

Ballet 3 and above students who moved up this trimester will likely be running into issues purchasing new leotards.  We’re waiting to see if they release a new line in the same colors as they did last year.  Until then your students can wear the leotards from their previous level.  We will keep you updated on the issue. 


July 26, 2019

Due to Wednesday's closure we've made revised schedules for next week.  

Attached is the revised schedule for the Junior and Senior Divisions for next week.  Some classes are split so that the classes can also work on their choreography for the student demonstration.   

Below are the class make up options for the Beginning Division.  Please contact the office and let me know which day will work for your make up class.  The classes listed as make up options for Wednesday's closure are learning the same choreography so that they will still get to learn their parts for the student demonstration.  


Pre-Ballet can choose either:

Sat 7/27 10:00

Sat 8/3 10:00


Ballet A can choose either:

Sat 7/27 10:30

Th 8/1 5:30

Sat 8/3 10:30


Ballet B can choose either:

Th 8/1 4:30
or a one time class:

Sat 8/3 11:15 

July 16, 2019

Trimester 3 Registration:
Next week is Registration (July 22nd-July 27th).  The schedule is not released yet, but the Beginning Division will be released via email no later than this weekend.  The Junior and Senior Divisions may not be released until you come into register. 

As I said in my last email, please make sure your account is up to date before registration

by logging into the website and viewing your balance.  The guest password is “loveballet”, after that you will find the directions on the Danceworks tab, under Accounts. 

There will be slightly extended office hours to help accommodate registration.  These hours are Monday through Friday 3-6:30 and Saturday from 9:30-11:15.  Tuesday will only be open to the Junior & Senior Divisions for registering. 

Summer Demonstration:
Each family will have 4 tickets available to purchase during registration, at $10 each.  We will only be holding each family’s tickets through registration week.  After registration the remaining tickets will be available to purchase if your family needs more than the 4 set aside for you.  Please be prepared to purchase tickets during registration.  I have attached the demonstration schedule, the underlined days and times are when the performances take place, the classes listed under each day are the ones performing on that day.  I know it’s a little confusing, feel free to ask questions if you need to and we’ll make sure you get the right day when you purchase your tickets. 

**There will be no classes the week of the summer demonstration, with the exception of Adult Ballet.  Friday and Saturday we will be closed for a long weekend before the start of the new trimester. **

We became aware of a road closure on Dobbins St scheduled for 7/22-7/31.  It appears to be between the hours of 7am and 7pm.  We’ve already asked for more information and will get out details as soon as we learn of them.  Hopefully there will still be access to some of the parking lots off of Dobbins, but at the moment it is unclear.  Please come early in order to have time for parking and potentially walking to the studio. 

July 11, 2019

The summer is almost over and it's nearly time for Fall Registration!  The dates are July 22nd through July 27th.   The office will be open additional hours during registration.  The new trimester schedule will be emailed out late next week for you peruse.  If you have your first and second choices (PreBallet-Ballet B) planned out in advance that will help speed up the registration process.  

In the meantime, please take a few minutes to log into your accounts on our website, check your account balance and if needed contact the office to bring your accounts up to date or set up a payment schedule if needed.  Please understand that you will not be able to register your dancer for next trimester unless your account paid up to date.  

The tickets for the Student Demonstration will be on sale during Registration for families.  We will have the demonstration schedule available at that time as well.  There will be 4 tickets per family during Registration.  After registration week is over we will open up tickets to everyone who may want additional tickets.

June 26, 2019

The office will be closed tomorrow.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

We just want to remind you that the only day that classes are being held next week is Monday and one make up Adult class Tuesday evening.   There will be no other classes from July 2nd through July 6th.  Classes resume their normal schedule on July 8th.  Have a safe and lovely holiday and enjoy the extra time off!  

As per the Studio Policies, please refrain from cell phone conversations in the lobby.  Please make sure your dancer is prepared for class and meeting dress code.  We’ve noticed many dancers with their hair down or in a pony tail but not in a bun.  If you’re unsure of what to do with your dancer’s hair please see the office and we will be happy to advise you.  

Registration for the Trimester III is scheduled for July 22nd-27th.  The new trimester schedule is not available at this time but will be sent out before registration.  


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